The Logo Design Process

Attracting customers online is a lot like online dating. Your logo is the first thing they see. It is the one that makes or breaks a deal. A lousy and unattractive logo can give off the impression that your business is unprofessional and maybe unreliable. At best, you dim in comparison to other businesses with legitimate logos which is probably why you aren’t the top choice. To aid you in the game, here are the steps you can follow to design a logo:

Brainstorm for ideas

Your inspiration has to start somewhere. Brainstorming is essentially writing down all the ideas, even the bad ones. Gather a group of people from your company to participate. List down all the words and concepts that are related to your brand, then choose the ones that best represent you. It is important to think like your target customers. Pretend you are a client and ask yourself, What do I want to see? When I see it, would I understand it?

Sketch out ideas that relate to your keywords

Now it’s time to pick graphic imagery that best represents your ideals. The good thing about logo designing is that there are no limits to your creativity. The only thing that you should be worried about is to avoid being overwhelming. Here are a few tips you can apply:

Visual Double Entendre

This is a clever way of presenting your brand. It is basically a fusion of two different images to form one unique representation of your company. Your clients will appreciate the clever mind-play that you inserted. That will make your logo more memorable.

In the logo of the Spartan Golf Club, it depicts a golf player swinging his club. At second glance, you will see a spartan from a side view, with his Corinthian helmet and exaggerated plume.

This logo has martinis that represent their main product. The martinis form a house, which states that they are a location.

Strong and Simple

Some brands, like Apple and Nike, have very simple logos that are strong and memorable. Their logos perfectly depict their message and is not easy to remember. Despite their simplicity, they’re still considered one-of-a-kind. This just goes to show that you don’t need complex designs. A little tweak can go a long way. For instance, if the Apple logo is just a simple apple, it wouldn’t have been as memorable as an apple logo with a bite taken out of it.

Hidden Imagery

Here is another way to be memorable. It is similar to the visual double entendre, except that the images are not as deliberately displayed. Once your viewer discovers the hidden image, you become noteworthy as they perceive it as a fun little game.

Can you see the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo?

Nope, those aren’t just snow-capped mountains. There’s also a hidden bear standing on its hind legs!

Creative Typography

There’s nothing wrong with using the company name as the logo for as long as you present it in a creative manner. Typography is a popular choice because it makes the people remember your name. It is essentially quicker to be recognized than the extra time to associate an image with a brand. A classic example is the Coca Cola logo. Make sure than you shy away from cliche font styles and your logo must be completely legible.

Color is everything

Colors can spice up your logo and prevent you from becoming boring. A grayscale logo may look neat but if your logo has numerous elements, a color can upgrade it from drab to fab. Colors can be used to highlight specific elements in a logo. Make sure to use the appropriate colors that complement each other. You may refer to a color wheel for this. You may also use a singular color of varying shades, hues, and intensities for a neater look.

Making a logo is a creative process. Do not hesitate to consult with graphic artists and multimedia designers for professional opinions. According to the researchers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, you only have about 2.6 seconds to leave an impression on an online visitor. 6.48 seconds are for registering the most identifiable landmarks of a site, a majority of which is the logo. Make them stay longer and encourage them to engage with you by putting out a creative logo.


Images from Google Images